Thursday, September 2, 2010

News 'n' Reviews

Yep. This page has been quiet a bit too long. Ok, so first up we got some outings in the city over the next few months:

Tomorrow night (fri 3rd) we're supporting No Through Road for their last show (for a while) at the Jade Monkey, along with Sarah Chadwick from Batrider. Doors open 9ish and for the first time ever we'll be selling our EP's at a show IN THE CITY! Amazing! It only took, what, a month or two?

Fri 10th (ie, next week) we're DJing at the Metro front bar. We'll be there from 8.30ish till late spinning generally pretentious nonsense with the odd kanye or rhiannon track thrown in by an increasingly drunk band member... who will it be!?!

The following Friday (again!), the 17th, we're finally doing a bit of a launch for the aforementioned EP, once again at the Metro with friends Sincerely, Grizzly and Weightless. We're planning a 'once-off' kinda setlist, so it'll be a special night, and FREE ENTRY! Starts at 9ish.

Following that, we're playing a set for Coopers Alive at the Ed Castle with Steering By Stars and Hawks of Alba. More details soon, but it's gonna be another pretty amazing night.

Can't wait it out? Check out the EP review in dB Magazine here, and also keep an eye out for the latest Messenger Newspaper which features an interview and stuff. We also got a mention a few issues back in On Dit, green covered one, scrapbook section, below the Best Coast review...

In other news, we've been recording and writing more tracks and slowly figuring out what to do with it all. And we'll also be playing a live radio session for the Radio Adelaide Live Music Month, hosted by Walter and Seb from Midnight Static. More info soon...

Hope you're well,
Pat (Box Elder)

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  1. awesome news, will definitely be at the launch