Monday, September 21, 2009

Still Alive

Busy few weeks, with shows falling through, sprouting up and venues trying to kill us. Apologies to those who may have turned up to the Exeter last week, it was double booked that night, but there will be another show there soon.

Thanks to Jay Walker and the Pedestrians for a slot last Friday filling in for 20th Century Graduates, and thanks to Diesel Witch's girlfriends for their kind words. Now lets forget about that show...

No thanks to the Crown and Anchor who officially get 'worst venue' tag after their ungrounded power shocked several singers in the mouth. Seriously, don't ever go there.

Thanks to Honey Pies, Tantivy Fair and 20th Century Graduates for doing great shows with us, and apologies to Sincerely, Grizzly for the Exeter calamity, hopefully we'll play together soon.

We're still recording, which is progressing slowly but hopefully some songs will appear soon.

Perhaps most importantly, we have a show Sunday 4th October (long weekend for Labour Day Monday) with Steering by Stars and Sunsetter at the Metro. Hope to see you all there.

Box Elder

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  1. WOW that poster is a little bit awesome!! Love it. Damn. Wish mine were as good.